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Personal Trainer

A Goal without a plan is just a dream

My specially designed programmes can help you lose that extra fat, gain strength and positively change your health and life.

One on One Personal Training

Train in a private setting, where we can focus on you and your goals. Take this time for yourself. Train at my gym or I can come to you.

Group Circuit Training

I run regular fitness groups during the day and early evening. Train with a group of like-minded people.

Small Group Weightlifting Training

Bring one or a couple of friends with you, split the cost and make it fun and affordable. Great for social groups, work groups or sports teams.

Nutrition and Meal plans

Together we'll create a nutrition plan just for you, one that accounts for your body's needs, your personal preferences and we'll adapt it to your schedule. As a trained Chef and life-long foodie, I know the importance of food in people's lifestyles. Learn your Calorie intake and Macro’s to fit your goal! Learn how to Meal plan and Meal prep.

As a qualified personal trainer and chef, I can guide you through both exercise and nutrition, offering support, motivation, advice and expertise.

My passion for health and fitness has always been a part of my life. After my daughter’s birth, I found myself struggling to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and this is what motivated me to start my own fitness journey.

I offer support, motivation, advice and fully qualified expertise and have many types of training sessions to suit you and help you reach your goal.

Fitness means different things to each of us, regardless of which type of session you pick, I'll ensure every session is customised for you and your goal. One thing that remains true in all my sessions is the strive for measurable improvement while practising safe techniques that suit you individually to maintain your motivation while constantly moving forward. Everybody is different, everyone's body is different and that's what makes 1st foot forward different.

Fitness for results

Lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, move faster, grow fitter. I have the expertise you need to help you get the results you want. There is nothing magic about eating right and working out to reach your goals, but I'll make sure you feel like magic after every session.

Fitness as a lifestyle

Group sessions and boot camps are a great way to meet and be active with like minded people. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial in living a healthy, happy life. Exercise and proper nutrition can help you reduce stress, sleep better and stay active.

Fitness as a hobby

Take some time each week just for yourself, learn new exercises, perfect your plan, and achieve your goal. Learn what your body is capable of and improve in every aspect of fitness. Get in shape for your sport, career or whatever life may throw at you.

Fitness as a journey

Looking for a complete body transformation? Recovering from an injury or trying to relieve long-term pain? Go beyond the cookie cutter options, if you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do things you have never done before.

Take some time each week just for you.


Group Sessions

  • Free Fitness testing to track progress
  • $10 per session, buy 8 sessions & get two for free
  • Runs on a Thursday, other days available on request
  • Sessions last 45 minutes
  • Sessions include Cardio and Resistance, including free weights and boxing
  • Max 4 people per group, get the attention you need to gain real results
  • Nutritional information available, from a qualified chef
  • Pre and Post Workout guidelines provided
  • Post session Protein Ball supplied

Free Consultation

At 1st foot forward I would like to meet with you to discuss your health & fitness. If you are interested in a free personal training consultation please click below.


  • Fat Loss for Mothers
  • I specialise in fat loss for women. As it is harder for women to lose weight compared to men. Because women don’t have the extra muscle mass that make losing fat easier

  • Nutrition Guidance
  • I guide and help my clients with their nutrition. No fad diets or starving yourself is necessary. Sometimes just a hand to find balance is what we need & changing just a few things can make a huge difference.

  • Exercise Programs
  • All my clients will receive an exercise program specialized to suit your goals & Targets By using functional compound exercises that you can do at home or at the gym to help you burn fat & kick start your metabolism.

Fitness Training

Clients will receive an exercise program to suit your goals & targets By using functional compound exercises that you can do at home or at the gym..

Posture & Flexibility

I include postural considerations into my programs as it allows the body to move & complete tasks without hindering itself.

Resistance Training

Training with compound / Resistant exercise burns more calories than cardio. Calories will continue to burn long after the session has finished.

Meal Planning

As a qualified Chef & Personal Trainer I can guide you in the kitchen as well as in the gym. Tweaking your diet slightly could make all the difference.

Studio Gym

The studio is kitted out with all the necessary gear to lose that unwanted fat & tone your body back into shape

Located at 43 Camberwell Place in Avonhead, Christchurch

Parking: Plenty of parking is available
Hours of Operation: As we all know sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day. I keep my hours very flexible so I can cater to all. Train early in the morning or after work or anytime in between. Evenings are popular so get in quick to reserve a spot.
Please contact us to check availability.

Nutrition Advice

  • Learn the basics, get help with nutrition that suits you and meets your goals
  • Calorie counting, to benefit you, based on your own personal measurements and goals in mind
  • Learn to Meal PLAN, this eliminates error, and helps keep you on track
  • Learn to Meal PREP, this is an amazing tool to use, prepping your meals in advance saves time and money & makes your goals reachable
  • Learn what you need to know whilst you are shopping, how to read food labels and navigate through, without getting mislead
  • Learn Amazing Recipes, which are easy to make, using local NZ produce
  • Learn how to make small Lifestyle changes that you will be able to use for life!

Personal Training Sessions

Sessions last either 30 or 45 mins

Sessions are always packed with the best training method to lose unwanted fat, flattening your stomach & making you feel great.

  • After workout protein balls to maximize results & to keep you away from processed foods.
  • Programs to suit you at home or at the gym.
  • Flexible training times to suit the busy life you lead
  • No Gym membership fees.
  • Nutrition advice & guidance.
  • Meal planning help
  • Fitness testing / Progress reviews.
  • One on one training.
  • Small group Sessions

Heather James

Fat Lose / Strength Specialist & Personal Trainer

My passion for health & fitness has always been a part of my life, mainly for the social aspect.

After my daughter’s birth, like all new Mothers I found myself struggling to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

That’s what ticked for me I worked hard & now I want to help others to reach their body goals. Trained & Qualified as a chef & personal trainer. I really believe I can offer you more, as real results come from exercise & diet, maybe a few tweaks to yours can make a huge difference.

The feeling I get when my clients succeed is what makes this job the best in the world!

Personal Trainer Qualifications

Certificate 3 in personal training (NZIF)

Certificate 4 in personal training (NZIF)

Certificate 3,4,5 in Cooking with distinction (CPIT)

First Aid Certificate